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How Does The Anti-Spin Rear Differential Work

What Is The Anti-Spin Rear Differential in The Jeep Wrangler?

Do you love going on off-road adventures and exploring new terrain? The Jeep Wrangler is the perfect SUV to do precisely that, and with the available anti-spin differential, driving on loose terrain is a breeze. We at Martin Chrysler love guiding our customers towards features and equipment that can improve their travels. On top of great advice, we offer a vast inventory of Jeeps at competitive pricing. Our staff will take care of all your automotive needs in a stress-free environment so you can focus on enjoying your vehicle to its maximum potential.

Anti-Spin Differential Overview

The differential is a drivetrain component that transfers power from the transmission to the rear wheels. Its purpose is to eliminate wheel hop and slippage during turns by allowing the rear wheels to spin at different speeds. Now there are two types of differentials, open and anti-slip, and they operate differently. On a Jeep Wrangler, you would want the available anti-slip differential to get maximum performance off-road.

How The Anti-Spin Differential Works

The anti-spin differential works by allowing for different wheel speeds between the rear wheels during turns, then locking the wheels for better traction when spinning. A clutch pack inside the differential engages and disengages to lock and unlock the rear wheels without any manual input. There is a maximum difference of wheel speed that is allowed by the anti-slip differential before it locks the axle to drive both rear wheels at the same rate. Overall, with an anti-slip differential, you will conquer the off-roads with great confidence.

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